Every day, another person successfully overcomes an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In order to become another success story, you must first admit you have a substance abuse problem and seek help from a qualified treatment program. Someone who is in the midst of a terrible drug addiction may feel like there is no hope for them. Drugs can act as a powerful which can dictate every decision someone makes. How do you know if you’re addicted? Addiction comes in many forms and it can be tough for someone to see when drugs and alcohol are starting to have negative consequences. Here are a few questions someone can ask themself if they think their alcohol or drug use is beginning to spiral out of control.

·         How many times per week do you drink or use drugs?

·         Do you drink or do drugs alone?

·         Do you feel the need to drink or use drugs to feel normal or get through the day?

·         Have you tried to overcome addiction in the past and failed?

These questions are not supposed to diagnosis addiction or substance abuse. Instead they are intended to help show someone when their substance abuse is a problem. Those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction should consider getting help from Drug Rehab Center Erie. Professional addiction counselors can help people from all walks of life travel the road to sobriety. Inquire today by sending an email to or calling (814) 746-3649 for more information on how a treatment center can help you get clean.

Drug Rehab Center Erie can help people addicted to substances including:

·         Alcohol

·         Heroin

·         Cocaine

·         Opium

·         Prescription Drugs

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